Every project and site is different; each requires different removal needs, safety procedures and access points. Regardless of your undertaking, if your project produces a large amount of debris, trash or refuse, G&G Garbage can provide a variety of services from containers to custom disposal solutions to suit your needs. We have short-term and long-term containers to suit your disposal needs whether you have an oil and gas site, commercial building, construction site or need waste removal in your residential area. With one of the largest regional fleets of disposal equipment in the Bakken and Black Hills regions, G&G Garbage has the following options to fit your projects needs.

Discover how our roll-off containers and transportation can make your next project easier today!

Containers Are Ideal For:

  • Land Debris Clearing and Removal
  • Oil & Gas sites
  • Man Camps
  • Construction Sites
  • Individual Manufactures
  • Large Retailers
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Festivals and Large Events

To assist in your waste removal needs we provide the following to make your experience painless and seamless:

  • Our local experts design scheduling your drop off and pick up for your ease with the latest QR technology and our own G&G app
  • Our fleet includes trucks equipped with route management technology that makes them optimal for accessing your property safely and efficiently
  • Our bins come in various styles and sizes that are suitable for different projects, large or small
  • Our team provides on-site advice to help you select the correct size and type of container

Why to Use Roll-Off Containers?

  • Sanitation – waste is gathered in one receptacle until collected by G&G
  • Convenience – dump waste into a accessible and central container, reducing trash additional bags and cleanup
  • Pest Control Mitigation – waste is less likely to attract insects and rodents enclosed in a steel container
  • Reduces Fire Hazards – disposing of waste in a steel container reduces the risk of accidental fires
  • Collection – trash pickup schedules can be adjusted to fit your needs

16 Yard Containers

16 yard containment containers designed to handle contaminated soils and other NORM level products.

20 Yard Containers

20 yard open & lidded containers to accommodate rubbish and other products.

30 Yard Containers

30 yard containers large enough to support even your biggest jobs.

40 Yard Containers

40 yard compactor equipment and containers.